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Vehicle Wraps and Graphics • Grand Format Products • Company Branding • Company Collateral

While our primary specialty is Vehicle Wraps and Grand Format Commercial Graphics Products and Services, we do offer a full range of custom graphics for your business, large or small.


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Allan Verret of Verret DesignYour project deserves the larger-than-life, quality results that Verret Design delivers consistently.

Trusted by leading Bay Area businesses, teams, and icons alike, Allan Verret’s decades of graphic design experience has served Californians with exceptional, attention-grabbing vehicle and building wraps since 2003.

Designing and applying wraps successfully is best done by an experienced, creative team, and Verret Design has you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's involved when getting a vehicle wrapped?

There are three parts to the vehicle wrap process. Before a wrap can be printed, the design and layout must be created. After the design is approved, it moves to the printing stage. The final step is the installation of the graphics on your vehicle(s). In some cases, there is another step, which would be removal of the graphics after your campaign is over.

Q. Will removing the graphics damage my vehicle's paint?

If you have factory paint in good condition at the time of application, there will be no damage to the paint. If your vehicle has paint that is oxidized, cracked, peeling or has been repainted due to age or accident, the paint may be damaged upon removal of the wrap.

Q. Can I wrap a leased vehicle?

Yes! The majority of the vehicles we wrap are leased or rented for specific campaigns, whether they be short or long term. The wrap can easily be removed without any damage at the end of the lease or rental term.

Q. How long should I expect the wrap to last?

You can expect to get 2-3 years and longer out of the wrap provided proper care is given to the graphics. The graphics are very durable, but they aren’t bulletproof. If they stayed on perfectly for years and years you’d never get them off. Car wraps may have lifting in tight areas and where there aren’t large surface areas for the material to adhere to. This is completely normal wear, and it will happen with any material used.

Q. How does installation work?

Installation can be handled a couple ways. If you have a clean indoor location available that can fit your vehicle, we can send installers directly to you to complete the installation on site. If you don’t have an indoor area, we will recommend that you bring the vehicle to the installers’ location to apply the graphics. A controlled environment is extremely important to the quality of the finished product. Wind, rain, extreme temperatures, dirt, etc. contribute to the breakdown of the installation process.

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